March 29, 1930 – Jim Cawley to JSA


  • March 29, 1930 – Jim Cawley to JSA –

Dear John,

I am attaching the reply to Rus Gies’ letter to Commander Bennett, Jr.

Rus made a further suggestion last night which, while I doubt can be useful to us, I pass along to you nevertheless. If for no other reason but to show you that we have another ally down here actively thinking about the problem – his suggestion is as follows:

Now that the American Legion has grown in membership and that their influence extends in many directions, Rus was of the opinion, that if instead of asking the Legion to help us on this park for the people that we should give the Legion an opportunity to, in effect, put over something of their own by proposing that the Paradise Bay part of the Lake George Park be designated as a park in honor of some World War man.

His further suggestion was that this might possibly be the Quentin Roosevelt State Park. Personally, I see too many things involved in this but I do see its possibility as a last resort. Even tho it would not be completing Lake George Park, it would actually be acquiring the land for the completion of the park.

If the idea clicks any way with you – use it as you see fit. As I said above I m simply passing it along.

No luck yet with the New York Journal.

Very truly yours,