March 29, 1929 – WVB Van Dyke (GE Interntl.) to A. R. Stevenson


  • March 29, 1929 – WVB Van Dyke (GE International) to Mr. A. R. Stevenson:

Dear Mr. Stevenson:

With further reference to your letter of February 1st and my acknowledgment of February 4th, in regard to an invention by Mr. Santos-Dumont called the “ornithonico,” I enclose herewith translation of an article on this subject appearing in the December 7th, 1928 issue of “A Noite” of Rio de Janeiro.

In sending me a copy of this newspaper, Mr. Heman Greenwood, General Manager of our office at Rio de Janeiro, states that “there is very little information available in Brazil about Mr. Santos-Dumont’s idea.” Mr. Greenwood also adds that he is not in a position to say to what value this invention may have nor can he obtain any reliable information.

Yours very truly,

WVB Van Dyck