March 28, 1928 – JSA to Irving Langmuir


  • March 28, 1928 – JSA to Irving Langmuir –

Dear Dr. Langmuir:

In accordance with our verbal understanding, I agree to deliver to you on or before April 16 a deed for lot G free from all encumbrances or restrictions. At the same time you agree to sell prior to April 1, 1931 to Dodge, Bennett, Miss Clark, Miss Blodgett and Apperson (within 6 months after a demand by any one of them) sub-lots of land from lot G for proportionate cost plus taxes plus six percent interest. The areas and road frontages of these sub-lots are to be approximately 1/6 of the area of lot G and of the road frontage of lot G unless otherwise agreed to.

It is understood and agreed that you will place restrictions on each sub-lot which you sell in accord with the above, and also upon a similar sub-lot which you will reserve for yourself.

The object of these restrictions shall be:

  1. To prevent commercial use of the land.
  2. To make and maintain the land in a state which will be of greatest benefit to the six people concerned (collectively) but not for their financial profit.
  3. To preserve the land as a forest area (except parts already cleared)
  4. To prevent real estate development


The object of this subdividing the land is to distribute the burden of preserving the land in a state… (next page missing)