March 26, 1929 – Hilda Loines to JSA


  • March 26, 1929 – Hilda Loines to JSA –

Dear Appy,

I found your letter on my return from Boston and am now sending you a copy of a letter from Mr. Hopkins which reached us at the same time.

I am sure that a great deal of the land in the valley has the mineral rights reserved and I do not see why it should take the Department a whole month to check up on that when they have already had months to go over the title. Is there no short cut through all this red tape?

Yes, I quite agree with you about Chester and his family and wrote him much to the same effect in replying to his letter, pointing out many advantages which his family had derived from the sale of their land. I do not think that his grievance has a very solid foundation.

With kind regards and best wishes

Sincerely yours,

Hilda Loines