March 25, 1931 – Rabenold to JSA


  • March 25, 1931 – Ellwood Rabenold to JSA

My dear Apperson:

May I confirm what I stated on the telephone this morning:

  1. In the Legislation Committee meeting at the City Club last Sunday evening we resumed discussion of the Hewitt reforestation amendment and the committee evidenced its great interest by asking many questions. At the conclusion the unanimous vote was to oppose the amendment.
  2. Yesterday afternoon Mr. H. W. Marsh, Civic Director of the City Club, telephoned me and stated that the Legislation Committee’s vote had gone to the Executive Committee, and the Executive Committee would meet specially on Tuesday afternoon of this week at 5 o’clock to consider what action it should take. I was invited to attend this meeting and I expect to be there.
  3. In last evening’s Sun there appeared a rather full article on the women’s page setting forth the position of the Women’s City Club, as stated by Mrs. Dreier, in opposition to the Hewitt amendment. I enclose a copy of this article.
  4. The Legislative Index report this morning upon the action in the Assembly sets forth that the bill Senate Int. 33 went to the order of the third reading.

Very sincerely,

Ellwood Rabenold