March 23, 1923 – George Foster Peabody to William K. Bixby


  • March 23, 1923 – George Foster Peabody to William K. Bixby (St. Louis, Missouri)

Dear Mr. Bixby:

Thank you very much for your kind letter of March twentieth. It is good to know of your whereabouts. I hope you have had a good season in Florida and that you will come early to the beautiful Lake.

I am greatly enjoying the rest – or such approximation as I can make to it – which my physicians have ordered. I find this snow covered landscape, still a foot deep on the level with freezing nights and beautiful clear hot suns for most of this month, very exhilarating.

I do hope that it may be possible for the State to acquire Dome Island. I confess, between ourselves, that I wish our Conservation Commissioner were somewhat more keen and energetic in his progress towards the consummation of the State’s wise projects at Lake George.

As I understand it, the road plans and general scheme of development make it most desirable that all of Tongue Mountain shall be held by the State. A relatively high price was paid for the corner and will have to be, I fear, for Amphitheater Bay in order to preclude the putting up of shacks and other features leading to nuisance development. Of course I suppose if Mrs. Stevens were to continue to hold lot ten, she would be as safe a custodian against nuisances as Mr. Knapp has proven to be but it has been reported to me the other day Dr. Rogers was a part or some such joint owner. I judge from your letter that it cannot be a joint ownership.

I hope that when you do come on in the summer perhaps a conference with the Advisory Committee on Lake George may be arranged. In fact, I think you would have been on that Committee from the beginning were it not for your living at such a distance. I wonder how the report started which I heard again and again, I think from a number of people, from the beginning, of our discussions, respecting your very generous support of the project and offer as then stated by some one.

I am, with hope of seeing you at an early date,

Faithfully yours, George Foster Peabody