March 22, 1929 – MacDonald (& Hopkins) to Hilda Loines

  • March 22, 1929 – MacDonald (& Hopkins) to Hilda Loines –

My dear Miss Loines:

This will acknowledge receipt of your letter of March 21, regarding the Archer property.

On account of other work, the map and description of the Archer lands were not completed until March 1, on which day they were forwarded to the Department of Law.

Mr. O’Connor of the Title Bureau informed me today that he is working on this matter and expects to have the papers out in the near future.

It has just developed that there is a mineral reservation on five acres of the land under contract, and for this reason it may be necessary to re-submit the matter to the Board of Commissioners of the Land Office, in which event it will add another month to the time. I will, however, do everything in my power to expedite payment to Mr. Archer.

I was much interested in your description of the exhibit of the Massachusetts Department of Forestry and regret that I was unable to have seen it.

Very truly yours.

Alexander MacDonald, Commissioner

By Arthur Hopkins

Asst. Supt. Lands and Forests