March 21, 1931 – Belle Moskovitz to JSA

  • March 21, 1931 – Mrs. Henry Moscowitz to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

I had a long talk with Mr. Rabenold yesterday and my message to him of the importance of his reaching editorial writers is exemplified in the topic of the times in the New York “Times” of yesterday’s date. The editorial writers of newspapers must be kept in touch with the progress of events.

I made a number of suggestions to Mr. Rabenold which he agreed to follow out at once.

I am glad to have a copy of your letter to Commissioner Morgenthau. It seems to me that we are very reasonable in what we are asking and I do hope that we can make an impression. I feel that every day’s delay in the final passage of the amendment is helping us. It would be important if you could in some way reach Charles D. Hilles (120 Williams Street, NYC). He seems to me to have probably the most powerful effect on legislation so far as the Republicans are concerned and it might be that he would be willing to help with Senator Hewitt if he understood the situation.

As soon as you can turn your attention to it, may I ask for some help? You will remember that I told you that my British son-in-law was being inveigled into a trip to this country with his wife so that I may enjoy my grandchildren. The bait which we have held out is a fishing trip. We have told him that nowhere in the world would he get such trout fishing as he can get here. He will be here in the month of June and I would appreciate advice and help as to where I can send him with his wife for about a fortnight of fishing.

Right now he is pressing me to send him word as to the kind of tackle and the kind of flies to bring. He has a huge collection and is about to purchase a new fishing rod. You mentioned the fact that you thought there was land-locked salmon and trout fishing to be had at that time of year. Could you tell me where and what arrangements I should make? Meanwhile the most important thing for me to know is the answer to the questions about flies and tackle.

I assure you that so far as a certain house in London is concerned this far outweighs any questions of reforestation.

I am watching every move and doing whatever I can to plant the seed.

My best wishes to you, Mr. Moot and Dr. Langmuir.

Sincerely yours,

Belle Moscowitz