March 19, 1931 – Rabenold to JSA

  • March 19, 1931 – Rabenold to JSA –

My dear Apperson,

  1. I have this morning your letter of yesterday, the 18th. I am making some inquiries of Samuel H. Ordway, Jr. to see if possibly there may be a suggestion of action.
  2. The Governor apparently signed the Adirondack Park bill, adding a statement of commendation, as printed in this morning’s Times.
  3. The Legislative Index report this morning would indicate that the Hewitt amendment, not being reported out, went from Assembly judiciary to Assembly Rules yesterday.
  4. TIY have just called me up on the telephone to tell me of your dinner conference last evening with George Foster Peabody and your telephone talk this morning with Mrs. Moskowitz, who is to call me so that I can talk with Henry Morgenthau, Sr.

Very sincerely,

Ellwood Rabenold