March 19, 1930 – JSA to Peter Kiernan


March 19, 1930 – JSA to Peter Kiernan –

Dear Mr. Kiernan:

I am glad to have had a talk with you over the ’phone regarding the Hewitt Bill, S-595, 1621; A-798, 2014, copies of which I am attaching for your convenience.

I am also attaching editorials from both the local Democratic and Republican papers.

Under the present Constitution, undeveloped land bought inside of the state’s playground, technically known as the Forest Preserve, would have to be kept in its natural state. The Hewitt amendment, if passed, would remove restrictions against the commercial use and would not interfere with the Conservation Commission buying or condemning any private land in the recreation areas including Lake George, and turning the trees over to the lumber companies. This seems unjustified, since trees can be planted anywhere in the State without amending the Constitution, and the Conservation Commission’s own reports show large areas of land outside of the recreation areas on which reforestation could be carried on for several years, without amending the Constitution.

I get the impression that we may be wasting our time in protesting this, but nevertheless it is a constitutional amendment which will have to come up before the next session of the Legislature and be voted on by the people, and the more intelligent interest we can develop at this time should help us in the continuous fight we will have to maintain between now and the next session of the Legislature, and I hope it will be possible for you to join us tomorrow at the Senate Finance Committee Room at 1:15 to record our protest.

Hoping that I may some day have the pleasure of seeing you at Lake George, having heard so much of your interest there, I remain

Cordially yours,