March 19, 1930 – JSA to John Agar


  • March 19, 1930 – JSA to John A. Agar (Pres. Ass. For the Protection of the Adks.)

My dear Mr. Agar:

While the Hewitt proposed amendment to the Constitution is fresh in mind, it might be useful to record the fact that the two attached editorials, one from the local Democratic paper of March 17th, and the other from the local Republican paper of March 18th, have been placed in the hands of each and every member of the Senate and Assembly, to fully inform them on the bill before they cast their vote.

I have also asked our local Senator (Brown), and Assemblyman (Wemple), to insist on a roll-call in order that we may know how our representatives vote. We may yet have a chance to talk against the bill in the Assembly, but apparently the sponsors of the bill are not disposed to listen to any ideas adverse to their own, and a hearing would probably be a waste of time.

A state wide campaign of education kept going until this attempt to encroach on the State’s playground is brought up again at the next session of the Legislature, seems very necessary. It would also seem important to inform the public before next fall’s election, and if possible get the Conservation Commission rejuvenated with people who are in sympathy with the basic principles of protection. The weak spot in the whole situation is, of course, the Conservation Department who have for many years encouraged this and similar attacks on the Constitution, and are not in sympathy with the wild forest land idea.

Cordially yours,