March 19, 1929 – JSA to James Smith, Bolton Landing


  • March 19, 1929 – JSA to James Smith, Bolton Landing

Dear Mr. Smith:

I have been thinking over your comment with regard to the difficulty of putting the Johnson motor into place and operating it on the extreme back end, and am wondering why it would not be possible to make a bracket to go on the side by fastening a canoe metal bracket which is ordinarily furnished with the motor, to a board built up and padded with felt and the straps also padded that would fit down over the coaming [?], somewhat like the enclosed sketch. This would greatly simplify both the handling and operation of the motor.

It might also be necessary to make a special clamp that would hold the bracket down firmly on the deck or covering board. Unless it would make steering difficult, it would be most convenient to have the motor hang over the side just back of the front seat. This might be permissible over rough water conditions.

If you think such a bracket could be made and care to undertake to make one, I would suggest that you might do this before you out the new brackets on the back. If, on the other hand, you have already put the brackets on the back, you might try out this new idea just the same.

I was unable to find your Father, but I hope your brother Andrew had a talk with him regarding the trees on the islands.

Hurriedly yours,