March 18, 1961 – New York Harold Tribune Editorial, by JSA

  • March 18, 1961 – New York Harold Tribune – Editorial by JSA

Is the Forest Law Needed?

To the New York Herald Tribune:

Under the headline “Proposed State Wilderness Areas,” and in much larger type, “Albany Acts to Preserve Forests’ Wilderness State,” appears a most misleading article in the March 12 Herald Tribune. No mention is made of the important fact that the state is now compelled to keep these islands forever wild and in their natural state or, in other words, as wilderness.

One of several very weak features of the so-called “wilderness” proposal is that it would rely largely on statute law, not subject to approval by the people, and too often changed at the eleventh hour to suit special interests. In addition, changes under this new proposal could be made by executive order either with or without the knowledge of the people, though it is said that public hearings would be held. It is well known that public hearings, while desirable, do not always develop a clear concept of the issue and the consequences likely to follow.

In view of the foregoing, the inescapable question is: Since the state has authority under the Constitution, Article XIV, Section 1, to keep these various areas referred to in their natural state, what is really behind this proposal, which is made to appear so attractive and important?

  1. S. Apperson, President,

The Forest Preserve Association of New York State,                                                         Schenectady, N. Y.