March 18, 1928 – Hull Apperson to JSA


  • March 18, 1928 – Hull Apperson (Richmond, Va.) to JSA

Dear John,

Your letter about the Daltons affair received last week. We are all glad you were able to swing the whole proposition, and not let him drive you out. Whether you did the wise thing or not, I am not able to say, you must be the judge of that. Now how about some help? I can’t do anything right now but I can in June. I have a note falling due in June which I can call in then for $8,000, and if you need it then just say so. This money is from the sale of our Sleepy Creek Orchard and is secured by first mortgage on the property and is bringing me 8% per year, payable every six months. It’s a great investment but if you need it I will have the American Fruit Growers pay the note off and send you the money. Of course I would expect you to secure it as I know you would want to.

As for selling your stock in the Beverley Manor Orchards Co., I don’t see much chance, although we have just had an inquiry about selling part of the property. In case we sell part of the place we might arrange to take up part of your stock, although this would be rather hard to do. If part of the place is sold I think it would enable us to dispose of the rest of it without much trouble a little later. We have priced the old orchard and all the land with house and barn, which lies on the right hand side of the road, for $25,000. The young orchard which has about 70 to 75 acres in it is on the left hand side of the road. There are no buildings on this side so we would have to put… [next page missing]