March 16, 1926 – JSA to Judge Adelbert Moot (Buffalo)

  • March 16, 1926 – JSA to Judge Adelbert Moot (Buffalo)

Dear Judge:

Your prophecy of three years ago that I would eventually get what I wanted for Lake George and “they might just as well let you have it now without so much fuss” is more than half true. Eleven thousand acres of land is now in physical possession of the State and the legislative barrier to funds for completing the work has been removed.

Three lots needed to complete the purchase on Tongue Mountain are still privately owned and the famous Dome Island located in the center of the lake has just been advertised for sale. You will remember this island was owned for a long time by Mr. Plinney T. Sexton who recently willed it to his niece, Mrs. Hans Giese.

All the land so far purchased is located on the west side of the lake and the other half of the “masterpiece” is on the east side and must be protected in perpetuity to complete the picture.

Please allow me to express to you my deep appreciation for the valuable help you gave to this undertaking. Hoping that you are enjoying good health and that I may have the pleasure of a talk with you I the near future, I remain, Cordially yours.