March 15, 1929 – Hilda Loines to JSA


  • March 15, 1929 – Hilda Loines to JSA –

Dear Appey,

Thank you for your letter of the thirteenth. I am glad to write a letter to Colonel Green about the Whiteface Road. I was very glad to see that he had come out against it.

I think you will be interested in this letter from Chester which I enclose. Of course, that is only one side of the story, as the outlook for agriculture was not at all good in the valley and, much as I regret to see good agricultural land, of which there is so little in Bolton, turned into a forest, I would infinitely prefer to see a forest to soft drink booths, etc. By the way, what is this I hear about a man who has a camp and gasoline stand on the Sabbath Day Point Road up on top of the mountain? I thought that the State had bought land on both sides of the road to protect it. An I correct or where is this man located?

I had heard the report about MacDonald and hope that when his time is up the Governor will appoint someone as Conservation Commissioner who is in sympathy with the policy of conservation and will preserve the wildness of the Adirondacks. It is unfortunate that in some of the State’s own reservations they have actually destroyed wild plants in making paths for the public and I do not think it important to keep in mind that side, while opening up the state land for the enjoyment of the public where it will not be detrimental to the wild life.

With kind regards,

Sincerely yours,

Hilda Loines

P.S. What is this wild game preserve near Lake George or Glens Falls? Mother was asked to contribute to it.