March 14, 1930 – Russell Gies to John J. Bennett (American Legion)

March 14, 1930 – Russell Gies to John J. Bennett (State Commander – American Legion) –

My dear Commander Bennett:

I have your letter of March [?]. A bill was introduced in 1923 by Senator Nathan Strauss, to preserve the central area of Lake George. The owner of the Paradise Bay land, however, brought about a revision omitting his half of the area. The project was then made a part of the state park program and I understand appropriations for the entire park system of the state was in like manner held up for some time.

Our Post went on record at that time for protecting this famous spot, and I understand the State Commander in a radio talk also strongly urged the State’s action in protecting this much admired spot.

The State’s acquisition of the Western half of this area is a great accomplishment and we here are glad to be numbered among those who helped bring this about.

I understand you will receive a resolution similar to the one I sent you, from other posts in the near future.

I have the impression that the Legislature will soon adjourn and a bill would probably have to e introduced rather quickly to be successful.

I f I can give you or Mr. Aronowitz any further information, I shall be glad to do so immediately.

Cordially yours,

Russell Gies