March 13, 1930 – JSA to Ray Ingersoll

  • March 13, 1930 – JSA to Ray Ingersoll (NYC) –

My dear Ingersoll:

The Dreiers suggested that you might be interested in reading the attached copies of letters.

Trees can be planted and reforestation carried on without amending the Constitution. It is also true that the land outside, being relatively flat, does not lose its soil so readily as the more precipitous slopes inside the recreation areas.

The character of the land, like the famous [?] reforestation area outside, is as stated in the Conservation Commission reports, very excellent for the purpose of continuing our supply of pulp and lumber wood.

It has been a long time since I have had the pleasure of a visit with you, and while you may not be interested in conservation, and may not have time to take any action on this subject, it is a pleasure nevertheless to write this letter to you and again extend to you my invitation to visit us at Lake George.

Hoping you and your family are enjoying good health, I remain

Cordially yours,