March 13, 1928 – JSA to Mrs. I. A. Stevens (Clayton, Missouri)


  • March 13, 1928 – JSA to Mrs. I. A. Stevens (Clayton, Missouri)

Dear Mrs. Stevens:

Sometime after writing my letter of February 24th to you, I myself acquired my good neighbor Dalton’s interest in the Lakeview property.

The strip of land now for sale includes the site of the old Lakeview Hotel; also the annex, altered and occupied by Mr. Dalton’s family for several years, and 100 feet of the Sexton property. A new dock is now being completed directly off the shore of this last piece of property and so located that it will not interfere with the view from the house. The shore measured in straight lines is 360 feet; measured as it winds and turns, approximately 500 feet. The land on the highway is about 300 feet wide.

We are now enthusiastic about our neighborhood, since all of the land across the road, up to and including the mountain, is held by individuals of our colony, who are all in sympathy with keeping it as wild land. If we can carry out our plan, we will have a zoning agreement to safeguard the environment of each privately owned strip of land against commercial use.

We are desirous of having as many owners with children and young people to enjoy our neighborhood as possible, and while circumstances may sometime later necessitate my disposal of the property in a manner not in accordance with our present plans, my hope and belief is that we will be able to add to our very happy Colony the kind of people who will be in sympathy with our simple form of enjoyment and if you are interested, I should be glad to have you advise me.

Cordially yours,

J.S. Apperson