March 1, 1929 – Commissioner MacDonald to Hilda Loines


  • March 1, 1929 – Commissioner A. MacDonald to Hilda Loines:

Dear Miss Loines:

This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of February 27th in regard to different matters at Bolton. Such criticisms, of course, come from a misunderstanding of the situation.

It is true that Mr. Dagles was allowed to remove his buildings from the land purchased on lot #10.This was a purchase, however, and the department had authority to do this. Regarding lot #11, this was an appropriation of land, and we have no authority to allow buildings to be taken off. This procedure is under Section 59 of the Conservation Law. It is true, also, that Mr. Dagles has not been paid. The land was appropriated in October 1927, and he has filed no claim as yet. The law provides that a claim must be filed within two years after the service of papers. Otherwise, the land belongs to the state, with no payment. We have urged those persons who supposedly had claims to lot #11 to file them so that they would receive their pay.

Further, as to the camp on Lot#11, we asked Mr. Taylor to notify the occupant of the camp, and we gave him a reasonable time to remove his personal belongings before we proceeded to tear down and destroy the camp. The building was made of odds and ends of material not worth saving.

I appreciate your interest in this matter. We are tying to do a great many things for Lake George, and we do need the support and sympathy of the people who live there.

Yours very truly,

(signed) A. MacDonald, Commissioner