June 9, 1927 – Hilda Loines to JSA


  • June 9, 1927 – Hilda Loines to JSA

Dear Appy,

I am writing to ask if you will use your influence to keep the Conservation people from bothering Mother this summer about the land in Lot 11 – She has not been well lately, and Sylvia has been so badly on edge that Mother was nearly exhausted when she left the lake. The state road has turned our place upside down, as you know, and for the State to force us to give up our one or two good sized remaining pieces of arable land is, I think, carrying things too far.

Wilson Powell thinks we have done enough for the State at present and if Mother can have a comparatively peaceful summer at the lake, I shall be thankful. As you know, the land is as safe in our hands for the present as in the State’s and we need it worse than they do. As for the boundary – it is only the land in lot 11 east of the brook, whose boundaries and title are uncertain, and that land we have given to the State at their request, in order that they may settle those questions.

When we endorsed the state park and gave our efforts and also the land on Tongue Mountain, we did so in the belief that the policy of the state parks was to protect the private owners as well as to afford the public a place for recreation and sport. The feeling has been rather general that this promise has not been kept.

In consideration of all that Mother has done, do you not think that the State in turn owes her consideration, and can wait until we have time to readjust the farming, which has been so much upset by the road construction?

I am sure that you will want to do all that you can for her this summer, and not make her feel that it is impossible for her to take any comfort in the Lake George place anymore.