June 8, 1945 – Warwick Carpenter to JSA


  • June 8, 1945 – Warwick S. Carpenter (Harper’s Magazine – Pacific Coast Manager) to JSA

Dear Apperson:

It was one of the great moments of my life early this afternoon when I took down the telephone and a voice said that Mr. Glenn of the Attorney General’s Office in Albany, New York wished to speak to me. You can imagine what Mr. Glenn wanted to talk to me about. He told me all about the court proceeding that will start in Elizabethtown on Monday, and asked me if I had anything that would help him.

I couldn’t give you any idea of the emotions that this stirred up in me nor of the very happy memories, even though those memories are filled with bloody combat.

Maybe after all we are combative animals and like a good fight better than anything else.

Unfortunately the stuff that I have is not in form for legal use as you of course already understand. I have however written Mr. Glenn the best letter that I could on the spur of the moment and enclose a carbon for your information. Please keep this strictly to yourself.

I think of you millions of times and every little while come across your tracks. They are good strong tracks and here’s hoping that in this particular battle, they come out to a happy end.

With warmest regards from Jean and myself, I am,

Sincerely yours,

Warwick S. Carpenter