June 4, 1941 – Tom Malone (Fort Bragg) to JSA

June 4, 1941 – Tom Malone (Fort Bragg, NC) to JSA

Dear Mr. Apperson:

As you will note from the above address my next year, ending April 15, 1942, will be spent over the transits and aiming circles of the 3rd Field Artillery Observation Battalion, newly formed, which in mid-summer will transfer either to Fort Blanding, Fla., or Ethan Allen in Vermont.

On a weekend furlough over Memorial Day spent in Troy, I read the forest Preserve Association notice of its annual meeting. Sorry to have missed it, and more than anything will miss the summer meeting up in the Lake George paradise. (We have sand-dust storms – and rainless months down here!)

Mr. Eugene Bamforth of Glenwood Road, Menands is the hiking club’s new conservation chairman and a very good one. He has hiked all the way from Katahdin in Maine down to New Jersey over the Appalachian Trail, and has done the entire long trail in Vermont – is very quiet, but fights for his beliefs in conservation.

If you want the Taconic Club’ cooperation at any time, he, or Ed Kapalka (who is getting married this week) would be best to contact.


Pvt. Tom Malone