June 4, 1929 – JSA to county clerk

  • June 4, 1929 – JSA to county clerk –

Dear Sir:

I am sending you by registered mail a zoning agreement entered into by the following people owning small sections or cottage sites on Lot 18 of the Tongue Mountain Tract. This agreement is dated January 13m 1927:

Dr. & Mrs. Irving Langmuir

Rosalie S. Day

Alice Jerome Cole, Rodney Day, Harold S. Day

Agnes Martin

Bertha S. Ehlers

Sarah May Anderson

Frank C. Decker

  1. Jackson (for General Electric)

John S. Apperson

These people entered into this agreement with the thought of keeping faith with the State in their effort to maintain the wild beauty of this particular neighborhood, and they desire to have this document recorded against their deeds. At this writing I do not have the particular book number of each individual deed, but should it impose any undue effort on you to identify the deeds, and you will advise me, I will look them up here from my files and send them to you.

Cordially yours,