June 28, 1929 – Herbert Evison (Natl. Council of State Parks) to JSA

June 28, 1929 – Herbert Evison (executive secretary – Natl. Conference of State Parks) to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

About one-third of our states are still without state parks; perhaps another third may be said only to be at the beginning stage of the work of preserving unspoiled the best of their scenery and of their opportunities for outdoor recreation amid natural surroundings.

Success in moving a number of the first group to action lies only around the corner. Opportunities for the National Conference on State Parks to encourage and advise them, as well as the states which have made their start or are well under way, in the direction of sound and far-sighted development increase from year to year, rather than diminish. Those opportunities to be of service are being grasped to the limit of our available resources; I think I am justified in saying that there has never been a time when the need and value of this organization has been greater.

Those who have the vision and the generosity to support it get no dollars and cents return on their investment in membership; they may reasonably expect and receive a dividend in satisfaction over helping something that is worthy of help. I hope that kind of dividend has its value to you and that you will be glad to renew your membership for the next 365 days.

Sincerely yours,

Herbert Evison, Executive Secretary