June 24, 1925 – Jim Cawley to Governor Al Smith


  • June 24, 1925 – Jim Cawley (The Industrial Group) to Gov. Al Smith

Dear Sir:

Allow me to congratulate you on the splendid speech you made Monday night in support of the real conservation problem of the State of New York.

Because of the fact that I have been favored with the good friendship of J. S. Apperson of Schenectady, whom I consider one of the most ardent workers for better park programs in the State, I feel that I am fairly well informed regarding the effectiveness of the work to be done as you are trying to put it across to the legislature, and in reading your speech in yesterday morning’s Herald Tribune, I was impressed mostly by your absolute sincerity and the lack of any political tone to it.

As a private citizen, and more particularly as a camper who has for years enjoyed the privileges afforded by the State, I wish that it were possible to convince some of the politicians who may misguidedly believe they are interested in the people’s welfare, that the reasons you give for being opposed to the Thayer Bill as written are sound, non-political reasons, but it seems that this is not possible.

I do not suppose there is any specific assistance that one in my position can render in connection with this wonderful work that you are trying to do, but I at least want to congratulate you on the unbiased non-political stand you have taken in the matter, and to assure you that in my small way I have been and will continue to do what educational work I can among the voters that I come in contact with.

If the Thayer bill is passed as it stands, the voters who have supported your opponents will have real cause to regret their inability to analyze a sound proposition when they hear it and explained to them by you.

With the hope that you will be successful in your efforts in this instance, and wishing you every help that it is possible to obtain, I am

James S. Cawley

Eastern Advertising Manager

The Industrial Group (NYC)

The Engineering Magazine Company