June 19, 1929 – JSA to Walvin Barr (ACA)

June 19, 1929 – JSA to Walvin Barr (ACA) –

My dear Commodore:

Greeley’s letter of the 20th and pamphlet on “National Park Standards”
are enclosed. Sorry to have bothered you by neglecting to return them with my letter.

Should you suggest protecting the National Parks by provision in the Constitution, no doubt the same arguments that were advanced against such provisions in the New York State Constitution will be made against this idea.

Greeley is very well informed on what has taken place in New york State, and knowing the National Park situation as well as he does, might not consider that such a suggestion is practicable. Nevertheless I think it is well worth your while to advance the thought, and if you find any fertile ground which I can help you cultivate to the end of getting provision in the National Constitution, I shall be glad to have you inform me.

Cordially yours,