June 17, 1941 – JSA to C. Everett Bacon

  • June 17, 1941 – JSA to C. Everett Bacon (NYC)

Dear Mr. Bacon:

You might like to know I visited both the man-made dam and the natural stone dam in the outlet of Lake George Saturday, June 14th. The water in the Lake was running unimpeded thru the intake gate to the mill at Ticonderoga. The dry appearance and rust on the gate and mechanism at the dam seemed to confirm the local talk that no effort to hold back the water for the lake had been made for some time since it might necessitate the buying of coal, tec. The cost of replacing damaged propeller blades and the repairs to boats due to low water was apparently not considered.

The claim for a generation that the man-made dam is absolutely necessary to keep the lake level up and now is not used to hole the water back even when the lake is very low, emphasizes again the chicanery of the willful few and the gullibility of the many.

The Governor’s reception and Mr. Woodbury’s reaction to your recent communication on this subject would be of unusual interest at this time.

Sincerely yours,