July 7, 1931 – George N. Ostrander (Fynch, Pruyn, and Co.) to Dr. Hill

  • July 7, 1931 – George N. Ostrander (Finch, Pruyn, and Company) to Dr. R. C. Hill (Schenectady)

Dear Sir:

The Editor of the Schenectady Gazette has forwarded to us your favor of the 2nd inst. In reference to the item of news appearing in the Gazette of that date in relation to this year’s pulpwood drive on the Hudson River.

The pulpwood in this drive was cut from natural growth on and belonging to us in the vicinity of Newcomb, N.Y.

It may interest you to know that our lands are under a sustained yield management and that it is calculated that our annual cut is at least balanced by the annual growth upon the lands.

Respectfully yours,

Finch, Pruyn & Company

George N. Ostrander

Manager Woodlands Dept.