July 6, 1931 – JSA to Hilda Loines

  • July 6, 1931 – JSA to Hilda Loines (Lake George) –

My dear Miss Loines:

I sent you under separate cover a copy of Mr. Rabenold’s brief, and I think your suggestion of sending it to the Monitor with the request that they get in touch with Mr. Rabenold, is excellent. You might call the Editor’s attention to one or two of the more forcible points in your opinion, since the brief is rather lengthy. Possibly a copy of the tree-cutting pamphlet may also be helpful, if you think they would have time to study it.

You will note from the enclosed copy of Mr. Howard’s letter dated July 2nd, the total appropriations for the last three years was $1,116, 250, for the “acquisition, maintenance and planting of reforestation areas, including the production of trees for same.”

If you have not already done so, you might ask for a formal figure through your Farm Bureau, of the amount of the unspent funds, and you yourself ask for the number of acres actually acquired and planted. The answers to these three questions, including the amount appropriated, will be very helpful.

I do hope you succeed in getting the lady for an inspection trip, whom you think might be very helpful in spreading the gospel.

Sincerely yours,