July 5, 1921 – JSA to D. S. Gates (Diamond Pt, NY)

  • July 5, 1921 – JSA to D. S. Gates (Diamond Point, NY)

Dear Mr. Gates:

I just learned from Mr. Hill that our effort to give you the acreage of the lake view property as divided up between Mr. Dalton, Mr. Roosevelt, and myself had not resulted in the information reaching you. I am enclosing a map prepared from the one submitted with the deed which shows the division. This map also records a change brought about by Mr. Dalton taking over additional area purchased from Mr. Roosevelt.

Due to a slight discrepancy between the wording of the deed and the map, Mr. Dalton had a new survey made this Spring and the following appears to be the correct acreage:

Mr. Dalton –                7.11 acres

Mr. Roosevelt             1.69 acres

Mr. Apperson             4.51 acres

I believe that Mr. Hill made known to you that about two-thirds of the hotel building located on Mr. Dalton’s property has recently been torn down.

Hoping that you have not been greatly inconvenienced by our absence from the property when you made your visit and wishing to give you any further information you may desire, I remain

Very truly yours,