July 30, 1929 – JSA to Chester Dagles


  • July 30, 1929 – JSA to Chester Dagles, Bolton Landing –

Dear Mr. Dagles:

I have endeavored several times to get in touch with you to learn if I could do anything to help you in connection with your claim on the State for land appropriated by them August 3rd or 4th 1927.

I have the impression that you turned your case over to Mr. Andrew Smith but if not you might like to know that the Statue of Limitations will make your claim invalid two years after the date of appropriation which would be next week August 3rd or 4th.

After much effort I found it necessary to put in my own claim but since this is rather difficult I would suggest that if you have not already entered your claim, you put it in the hands of some lawyer, provided you are satisfied that the soundness of your claim is worth the effort.

Hoping you and your family are enjoying good health, I remain

Cordially yours,