July 3, 1942 – George H. Hallett to Hilda Loines

  • July 3, 1942 – George H. Hallett, Jr. (Citizens Union of the City of New York) to Hilda Loines (Brooklyn) –

Dear Miss Loines:

During the campaign last fall you and a number of others wrote to us protesting the stand of the Citizens Union in support of the Whiteface ski trail amendment. We were too rushed to acknowledge all the letters at the time, but they were all read sympathetically and appreciated even though we gave a different weighing to the various factors involved.

I thought you would be interested to know that we opposed taking any immediate action under the enabling amendment in this year’s Legislature and wrote to Governor Lehman recommending his veto of the Feinburg-Wickes bill which would have set up an authority with power to construct ski trails and accessories forthwith. It seemed clear to all the members of our committee that no materials or public money should be diverted to such a purpose during the war and that even after the war the machinery for building the trails should be more carefully safeguarded.

Sincerely yours,

George H. Hallett, Jr., Secretary