July 28, 1926 – Jim Cawley to JSA

  • July 28, 1926 – Jim Cawley (ACA) to JSA

My dear Apperson:

Instead of finding that the cut in my eye had healed last Monday as was expected, the Doctor found that a chromatic ulcer had developed. This necessitated another week of inactivity to try and heal it.

The result was to call off my intended trip to Lake George last weekend when I intended doing the many things yet to be done on the Island.

On Saturday August 7th we are going to drive up with my wife doing the driving and if I can use my eyes then I intend to get the platforms delivered to the island and engage a couple of men to put them together during that week. This should enable me to get finished before the thirteenth, I shall have to place the toilets and get and erect the flag poles and with fairly decent sight I think I can come out OK.

In the meantime Russ Gies is leaving this coming Sunday with my car full of stuff and if he may leave it for the week in your Huddle Bay camp that will help a lot. Then on the following Saturday, August 7th, we shall arrive and as it will be a hard drive for Mrs. Cawley I thought we night spend the night at Huddle Bay, going over to the island in the morning. If the camp is in use we shall go to the Hotel or camp in the woods.

I am asking a lot of favors but by doing so I can probably beat my hard luck yet.

I shall tell Gies to ask the garage man for the key to the camp is he doesn’t arrive until Monday otherwise to try to find you there as it would be late when he arrives.

Don’t mind the contours of this letter as it is the best I can do through heavy glasses.

Certainly appreciate the good wishes expressed in your letter and know that you will keep things moving.

Sincerely yours,

Jim Cawley