July 27, 1930 – Miss Pauline Goldmark to JSA

  • July 27, 1930 – Miss Pauline Goldmark (St. Hubert’s ) to JSA

Dear Mr. Apperson,

I must apologize for the delay in returning these photographs which interested us greatly. They reveal a situation which requires watching. We made a special appeal to the Commissioner to do so! I have no copy of the Constitution (full Section 7) in hand and so do not remember whether there is any general provision that allows cutting of State lands. How is this? It would be very good of you to send me a cue about this. The State surveyors are beginning work in the Chapel Pond Road next Sunday. The people here seem to have little regard for the lines of the State property, but mean to cut into it, however they wish. Is there any prevision in Section 7 that should prevent this? We should like to make objection if there is legal Provide (?). Hoping that you are able to escape from some of this hot weather, at least,

Sincerely yours,

Pauline Goldmark