July 25, 1930 – Ted Dreier to his mother Ethel Dreier (BMC)

  • July 25, 1930 – Ted Dreier to Ethel Dreier (Sunken Meadows) from Ted Dreier Collection – Black Mountain College archives–

“Dearest Mother –

I was quite overcome by your check! I really didn’t understand you were going to do anything like that at all. Do you really mean it? It is a most wonderful help just at this time, and I thank you a million times for it if you really mean to do it. But you know we are getting along all right and don’t need any special help. Barbara has just gotten back and tells of having a wonderful time at Sunken Meadows. We are looking forward ever so much to seeing you and father next week. I’d love to get off and take one climb with him somewhere, but don’t know whether it could be managed or not. Things are going along well here, though it’s awfully good to have Bobby back again.

Ever so much love, Mother dear, and many thanks once more.”