July 24, 1929 – Raymond Wilson to JSA

  • July 24, 1929 – Raymond Wilson to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

I was pleased to receive your letter the other day and hasten to answer, particularly your question of when we would be coming up to Lake George.

As we plan at present, the “big day” is August 24, and we will drive from Warren, Mass., to the Lake. The wedding being in the afternoon, we won’t get father than Albany in the evening, but expect to finish the trip Sunday the 25th.

Could we not drive to your place at Bolton, finding you there? I am sure you will be, if you are keeping up your custom of missing no weekends at Lake George.

Right now we are chasing from one furniture store to another, getting the makings of a home together, but by the time you see us will be all settled down (one day).

I do not seem to recall “Woodchuck Temple” but I certainly can vouch for Tongue Mountain as a place to get away from people. No wonder the Temple is popular with honeymooners!

I shall be vey happy to see you and introduce the bride.


Raymond L. Wilson