July 24 (?), 1929 – JSA to Mr. Pettis

  • July 24 (?) – JSA to Mr. Pettis (Conservation Commission) –

Dear Mr. Pettis:

Your letter of the 21st received. It is simply out of the question and most unreasonable to allow any special class of people to occupy the natural land and water entrance to our Lake George Park and there is no comparison between the important relation this land has to the Park and land several miles up the valley away from the Lake. The two acres owned by Mrs. Meyer near the Lake also forms part of the natural gateway to the park and the only house other than an old boat house is one belonging to a man who has rented his property with the agreement that his house is to be removed at the expiration of the lease and therefore, is not in the class of lots having permanent camps occupied by the owner.

Buying this and at whatever figure is necessary, fortunately does not establish a price on other land needed in that section for the reason that there is no other land of this kind in the immediate locality.

When we bought timbered land through Mr. Bixby in that section for $12.50 per acre after much effort, we had in mind among other things establishing a good price at which the State could buy other land and the failure of the State to follow up this advantage hardly justifies going easy at this time and allowing a special group of people to exclude the public from one of the most essential spots in our whole program. It will require less than $2,000 to acquire the 40 acre lot from Mrs. Merrill and, of course, the two acres belong to Mrs. Myers should sell somewhere near the same per acre.

As stated to you over the telephone, I regard this as one of the most important things to be done at the present time and if necessary I shall be glad to advance the money myself and go to the trouble which might be necessary to get this property into the hands of the State. The new owners may go to the expense of erecting permanent structures which might prevent the State from having the property.

Very truly yours,

  1. S. Apperson