July 23, 1929 – JSA to ?

  • July 23, 1929 – JSA to ?

The above is further confirmed by the following paragraph, which appears in Mr. Frank D. Morehouse’s letter written to me March 16, 1928:

“Mr. Pettis said that it was impossible for the State to take this property over at once and stated to you in my presence that if you would furnish $800 and if I could get the title from Mrs. Merrill, the State would take the property off from your hands as soon as arrangements could be made for a check for $800, and I went up to Mrs. Merrill and had her execute the deed and it was my understanding that you were simply putting up the money for the State in order to protect the title to this property until the State could pay your money back.”

Complete copies of both the letters are being attached. Also copy of my October 22, 1924 letter addressed to Mr. Pettis, indicating the beginning of this effort.

About the first of February, 1925, I advanced additional funds, $50, to Mr. Morehouse to acquire some outstanding claims as suggested by Mr. Pettis. The deed to this property, as described by the Conservation Commission in their letter of November 12, 1924, was finally recorded in my name.

I was assured many times verbally that I would be reimbursed for the funds advanced, but the matter dragged along until October 4, 1927, at which time the Commission served appropriation papers on all claimants to this and other parts of this same lot, Proposal No. 620-A, acknowledged by me in my letter of same date to Commissioner MacDonald, copy attached.

While the value of this land has recently been increased by the new State highway, I am making my claim in accordance with my original agreement with the Conservation Commission, which does not include a rather large and unexpected incidental expense:

Check to Mr. Frank F. Morehouse, cashed October 27, 1924 – $775

$25 advanced in cash several days prior.

Interest, 6%, $228 from October 27, 1924 to date

$50 advanced about the first of February, 1925 in the name of Frank D.                    Morehouse, Check cashed February 3, 1925

6% interest, $13.25 from February 3, 1925 to date

Taxes, $20.41, paid December 13, 1926

6% interest, $3.19, from December 13, 1926 to date

Making a total claim, including interest, of $1,114.85, if settled without more             formal action.

Very truly yours,


Subscribed and sworn to before me this 23 day of July, 1929 E. C. Hollister (Notary Public Schenectady County, N.Y.)


For your convenience I am also attaching a certified copy of the deed for this land, conveyed to me by the owner, the 18th day of December, 1925. Recorded December 22nd, 1925.