July 23, 1929 – Alexander MacDonald to Title Bureau

  • July 23, 1929 – Alexander MacDonald (C. R. Pettis) to Title Bureau


We have a copy of Mr. Taylors letter of March 3, 1925 to J.S. Apperson in regard to objectives.

No. 1. You state there is no record filed in him. As a matter of fact, the writer knows that Mr. Apperson paid certain consideration to Frank D. Morehouse of Glens Falls and that Mr. Morehouse has in his possession a deed, which he is holding in escrow from Mrs. Merrill covering his property.

No.2. You state that there is no contract. This is true to the extent that there is no written contract. There is, however, a verbal understanding between the Conservation Commission, Mr. Apperson and Mr. Morehouse in regard to the purchase of this property and this agreement we deem sufficient for the present.

No. 3. You state it is impossible, from the conveyance, to actually locate the parcel of land involved. Only a small portion of the lot is claimed by Mrs. Merrill. There are other owners and we did not deem it necessary t impose upon Mr. Apperson to the extent of the expense of the survey. We want to treat him the same as we do other people in similar cases. We will endeavor to have such survey made after consultation with you, provided you have completed abstract of title to the lots.

No. 4. You ask for satisfactory proof that Libbie Merrill is the sole heir of Henry Burgess who died intestate in 1921. You have already had such proofs submitted to you and have been passed upon by Mr. M. F. O’connor and accepted by the Attorney General in Proposal Tongue Mountain No. 4, purchase of land from Bixby and these papers are on file in this office.

It therefore seems there is nothing serious about this title except the location and preparation of description which may necessitate a survey.

Yours very truly,


By C. R. Pettis

Supt. State Forests