July 19, 1929 – Carleton H. Lewis (City of Schenectady) to JSA

July 19, 1929 – Carleton H. Lewis (Corporate Counsel, City of Schenectady) to JSA

Dear Sir:

Enclosed I hand you herewith, statement of the expense of repairs to fire apparatus damaged by your automobile, May 23, 1929.

Will you please advise me if you will take this matter up with your Insurance Company or if it will be necessary for the City to commence an action against you first, and oblige

Yours truly,

Carleton H. Lewis (Corporate Counsel)


Department of Public Safety,

Arthur S. Golden, Commissioner



Tessier Bros. – Repairing braces and parts……….. $6.25

Josph Gador – Painting Fender ……………….                        20.00

Buffalo Fire Appliance Corp.

(New foam extinguisher; New extinguisher cap)   40.00

American Ls France Company – new parts …….    12.00

Mechanic Labor – 18 hours at $1.25/hr. ….           22.50

Liberty Auto Radiator Works (repairing fender)… 8.00

Peckham Wolf Co. – Lumber for rear step ……..        5.50