July 18, 1928 – JSA to E. M. White (Old Town, Maine)


  • July 18, 1928 – JSA to E. M. White & Co. (Old Town, Maine)

Dear Sir:

Your July 16th letter addressed to Mr. L. D. Jones has been referred to me during his absence from the city, and I wish to advise that the boat should be shipped direct to Mr. William Hill, Bolton on Lake George, New York.

The two previous boats built by your company of which this is to be a duplicate have proven very satisfactory. If it were practical to have the sponsons bulge slightly more, about three feet back from the bow, it would throw more of the wave to advantage. As you know the sponsons on the old boats are extended entirely to the outside stem. I think Mr. Jones asked you to increase the width and depth of the keel. The old boats have proven satisfactory in this respect and I would suggest a very slight change, if any. The natural wood trimmings and grass green color of the boat will be satisfactory. The method of sloping the stern with the auxiliary scag or keel has prove very satisfactory The pit or pan should be of such size that a four h.p. Johnson will tip up and down into the pan. If your Company have on hand outrigger oarlocks that will fold down into the boat when not used, it would assist to have these. This is the only feature to be added and your Company can probably do a better job and do it quicker than it can be done here.

Any special effort you might make in bringing about an early shipment of this boat will be greatly appreciated.

Very truly yours,

  1. S. Apperson