July 12, 1929 – JSA to Mr. Hawley (County Clerk)

  • July 12, 1929 – JSA to Mr. Hawley, County Clerk – Warren Co. –

Dear Mr. Hawley:

In accordance with your suggestion of yesterday I have secured a County Clerk’s certificate certifying as to the notary-ship of Mr. Hull, and the same has been attached to the zoning agreement and forwarded to you by registered mail today under separate cover.

If you care to do so and happen to see Walter Harris, you might advise him that such an agreement has been received, since I have the impression that he is very much in sympathy with the effort to preserve the wild beauty of that section of the Lake. And he may care to sign this agreement before it is recorded.

If you have any other suggestions to make in connection with the agreement, I would appreciate a word from you since I am anxious to get the agreement recorded at an early date.

Cordially yours,

c.c. – Walter Harris                                                    JSApperson