January 9, 1931 – JSA to Ellwood Rabenold

January 9, 1931 – JSA to Ellwood Rabenold

Mr. Elwood Rabenold

61 Broadway

New York, N.Y.

Mr. dear Mr. Rabenold:

My comments of the 4th on Mr. Carson’s article, enclosed are, of course, personal and I am sure you will treat them accordingly.

I do hope that you can render the valuable service to this organization which you gave to the League at Corning in making clear the wise course to follow. It seems that all the officers whom I know have changed their opinion several times in the last few months, and a new proposed blue line, which encourages the attack on the Constitution, is still more confusing and is apt to lead them astray.

We must have a good representative at the public hearing on the so-called Hewitt Amendment, and while a number of people have signified their desire to be there, your presence would be most helpful in rounding up the scattered points which will be made by the various speakers.

Cordially yours,