January 7, 1931 – JSA to A. F. Saunders

January 7, 1931 – JSA to A. F. Saunders

Dear Saunders:

Dawson has just informed me that he did not send you the attached official and formal criticism or comments of the Conservation Commissioner and my answer to such comments. Had Mr. Howard’s letter been personal, I could not, of course, distribute it in this manner, but since it came as an official communication from the Conservation Department, it is perfectly proper that it go with the pamphlet.

We have a number of organizations now informed and they are against the amendment. However, the resources back of the proponents enable them to go out after a large following which we, with our limited time, and means, are unable to do.

If you have any contacts with members of the Isaac Walton League, it would be very helpful if you could sit down and make the situation clear to them.

I think it well to remind you, also, that the new proposed expanded Blue Line is also misleading. It appears to enlarge the protected area, when actually it reduces the protected area about 50 %, and encourages the attack on the amendment which under the stress of circumstances should not seriously considered at this time even if it were full of merit.

Langmuir wanted me to send you this date some time ago, but I have been so pushed for time that I neglected many of my pleasures and duties.

Wishing you a most pleasant and prosperous New Year, I remain

Cordially yours,


P.S. If you happen to know of someone who could represent an organization and would be good enough to attend a public hearing against the proposed amendment, it would be very valuable to us when the hearing is held. Such a hearing will probably not be held for two or three weeks.