January 31, 1929 – JSA to Mrs. H. E. Dreier

  • January 31, 1929 – JSA to Mrs. H. E. Dreier

Dear Mrs. Dreier:

It was very fine of you and Miss Potter to come all the way to Albany and join our Schenectady friends for a few minutes talk with the Governor on conservation. Certainly more than the Conservation Department, and none could cause Roosevelt more embarrassment thru mismanagement.

You might be surprised in the attached which is only one of several indications that the subject is not easily understood. The people with the best intentions are often found on the wrong side of the subject, but I hold the impression that the subject can be simplified at least among the people who have the same purpose.

I hope it will be my good fortune to see you on your next visit up-state.

Cordially yours,