January 31, 1929 – JSA to Ethel Dreier (not sent)

  • January 31, 1929 – JSA to Mrs. H. E. Dreier (Brooklyn) (not sent)

Dear Mrs. Dreier:

Ted has just told me about Leach’s willingness to devote an hour on Monday or Thursday to the discussion of our problem in conservation. If I knew how to get in touch with him I would not bother you, but communicate with him direct. The only people here who are members of St. Hubert’s Club are the Prince’s and they are all sick in bed.

It seems to me that such a meeting should take place at the earliest possible date, therefore, Monday would be preferable to Thursday. I am usually extremely busy on Monday morning. If it is possible for Mr. Leach to see us Monday evening, I would be glad to come down on the noon train and see him at any time or place after the arrival of the train, which I believe is around 6 or 7 P.M.

I do not know at this writing whether Mr. Moot or Dr. Langmuir will be able to come, but shall be glad to make the trip for the purpose of seeing Mr. Leach, if he is sufficiently interested to devote a short time to discussing the subject with me.

Cordially yours,


[Notes, in handwriting – “Since writing the above Dr. Langmuir has agreed to go down also – I would like to have them all as my guests at the Engineer’s Club for dinner, or any other place suitable to Mr. Leach – This may save time. JSA”; also – “Ted wired the substance of this to his mother and therefore this was not mailed”]