January 31, 1928 – JSA to Wm. Dalton

  • January 31, 1928 – JSA to Wm. Dalton –

Dear Mr. Dalton:

Following our encouragement, Dr. Langmuir has agreed to help our Lake George community by providing funds for 1/3 of the purchase price of the Sexton property which more particularly endangers your place on the north.

He advises me that your participation, however, will be delayed until our old problem of lots lines is settled, and informs me that you express a desire to transfer to me the center strip of land at the original price paid by you, conditional that I sell to you my half ownership in the Roosevelt property at cost. Having long exhausted each other’s patience in our effort to solve this question, and since quick action seems necessary to protect the community by the purchase of the Sexton property, I will endeavor to make the necessary financial arrangements to comply with your request at once.

It is hardly necessary for me to assure you that I regret that such a radical change in your plans and such a questionable change in our restful environment has been found necessary, but I heartily agree that this problem of ours should be settled in some manner without further delay.

Cordially yours,

J.S. Apperson