January 29, 1929 – H. Smith Johannsen to Dr. Langmuir


  • January 29, 1929 – H. Smith Johannsen (Montreal) to Dr. Langmuir –

Dear Dr. Langmuir:

Your letter of the 19th arrived while I was out of town. Am mighty glad you have decided to try the Laurentians this year, and am looking forward to seeing you again.

Re – accommodations… Grey Locks Inn at St. Jovite is all right, but the country is not as nice for skiing as the country around St. Margerites and all the way south to Shawbridge. The best skiing country in the Laurentians is around St. Sauveur Piedmont, Mt. Rolland and Shawbridge.

Morin Heights is good and the Bellevue House is a very nice and inexpensive place with good cooking but rather primitive as far as up-to-date conveniences are concerned. I have several friends who praise the Bellevue House. Morin Heights is not far from St. Sauveur and you are sure of having a good starting point from where you can take trips around the country and stop at Cauchon’s Swiss Chalet at St. Margerites or at St. Margarites Golf Club, at a Ski Camp belonging to the Montreal Ski Club near St. Sauveur or at the Laurentian Lodge at Shawbridge.

To sum it up: – I would advise making arrangements at the Bellevue House, Morin Heights, just in order to have a starting point. After you have seen me in Montreal and gotten a line on all these other places you may decide to go somewhere else and leave Bellevue House after a day or two.

Let me know when you are coming and we can talk it over before you take the train going north in the afternoon any day except Saturday and Sunday when I expect to be in the bush myself.

Take your sleeping bags along and forget all your troubles.

Let me know if you wish to have me make arrangements for you with Basler.

Yours very truly

  1. Smith Johannsen