January 29, 1914 – Fenwick Seaman (skate sails)

  • January 29, 1914 – Fenwick Seaman (Bolton Landing) to JSA (118 Park Avenue)

Dear Mr. Apperson:

I got the gloves and sent them Wed. morning. I think probably you would have been very sorry if you had come up last week because Thursday about noon it began to rain a little bit so that it wet up the snow and made it slushy.

Friday it snowed some more and then Saturday it rained. It was thawed and rained about all the time lately.

I want to ask you if bamboo poles would be all right for the frame of the sail.

The ice is in bad condition now as it is slushy but if it turns cold if will freeze and make good skating. The nights are not awful cold here.

Yours sincerely,

Fenwick Seaman